Outsourcing Logistics

Outsourcing Logistics

Logistics Back Office Solution Provider

Zenov is an independent, full-service Logistics & Freight Forwarding Back-office Service Provider

  • Zenov’s Back-office solution center is located in Bangladesh, attracting well-educated, low cost talent with freight forwarding expertise
  • Zenov provides Client ERP, EDI based arrival notice, tracking (call center), billing, reporting for Ocean freight, Air freight & Trucking (last mile) solutions
  • Zenov’s fixed cost billing model reflects the final cost incurred with no additional healthcare, insurance, office space rental, IT support and other overheads normally incurred by Clients

Providing Business Process Back Office Services

Zenov offers end to end support and coverage around the clock when you need it most, our freight forwarding option offers services resulting in savings of up to 40-60%, with 99.99% accuracy and a rigorous turnaround time. We help our clients tackle major challenges while maintaining quality and maximizing profits, allowing management to focus on what’s important and that’s growing your business.

Our Logistics Proposal

Zenov wants to build long-term, sustainable partnership while offering logistics industry experienced professionals, from a well-educated talent pool to service its valuable clients. We propose a free Pilot program to help with transitioning an existing business process of need with an dedicated manager, a quality Analyst and an associate equivalent to 1 FTE (Full Time Employee) this comes free of Cost for 30 days. Zenov will evaluate the result of the Pilot program with the clients input at the end of the 30 day period and roll-out additional resources after the client is satisfied with the back-office support service. We will allocate a dedicated client service manager (10+ years logistics experience) with just a minimum 5 FTE commitment from the Client and Zenov assures 100% client confidentiality of data too.


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