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Back Office Solution Provider

End to End Logistics & Freight Forwarding Back-office Support

  • Zenov is an independent, full-service Logistics & Freight ForwardingBack-office Service Provider
  • Its Back-office solution center is located in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, attracting well-educated, low cost talent with freight forwarding expertise
  • Zenov provides Client ERP, EDI based arrival notice, tracking (call center), billing, reporting for Ocean freight, Air freight & Trucking (last mile) solutions
  • Zenov’s fixed cost billing model reflects the final cost incurred with no additional healthcare, insurance, office space rental, IT support and other overheads normally incurred by Clients

To remain competitive in today’s market place, corporations and companies large and small have to plan ahead and begin implementing strategies that will enable the reduction of their cost for overhead, increase revenue and aid overall company growth. The business process of outsourcing is an effective and economical solution for businesses looking to expand their market place without a large investment or having to borrow capital. Professionally outsource back office services like Zenov will help companies consequently lessen their operational overhead, and make the back office a generator of profit and also gain from increased business productivity and savings.


For more proficient management of back office support tasks, your company would be required to have the necessary tools of technology, equipment and experienced personnel, and this requires a lot of working capital. But by outsourcing the back office jobs to a third party service provider like Zenov your necessary back office operational goals are much more attainable.

Our back office outsourcing services can streamline the workflow for your company, while cutting overhead, which will enhance your company’s efficiency, productivity, revenue and savings. Back office services from Zenov will help you save on infrastructure expenditure, and avoid the outlay of capital for staffing recruitment, training and traditional company benefits. The use of Zenov’s back office solutions will reduce and unburden you from managerial responsibilities, and allow you to focus valued time, effort and resources on the bottom line.


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